TruWealth® Rating System
  • The best possible data related to wealth, income, and spending, derived from a unique and proprietary database that directly measures nearly $19 trillion of assets reported by more than 80 leading financial institutions.
  • A clear focus on top-tier households, from those considered affluent ($82,000 annual income and above) all they way to the top one percent of households (which control nearly 21 percent of U.S. income).
  • State-of-the-art mathematical and statistical techniques, allowing TruWealth® Ratings to be used in a wide variety of list scoring, segmentation analysis, and targeting applications.
  • A new algorithm to more accurately estimate household income.
  • Life-stage variables to heighten the predictive power of the model.
  • A multivariate predictive model to fuse survey research with TruWealth® Ratings and household data.
  • A comprehensive household database augmented with the best demographic and lifestyle variables.


TruWealth® Rating System

  • About the TruWealth® Rating System
    It's Not Money Earned. It's Money Spent.
    Your best customer has real money waiting to spend on your products and services. But using household income or similar measures to segment and target customers and prospects won't help you find people - but the TruWealth® Rating System can.

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