Elements of ROI Leverage in a Direct Marketing Campaign.

Source: The Keystone Equities Group The State of the Direct Marketing Industry, 2003

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Marketing Information Systems

Direct marketing's fundamental elements include the target audience, the offer, the package and fulfillment. At Global Direct we recognize the importance of all elements; however, particular effort is focused on assisting our clients by utilizing marketing data to pinpoint the target audience. Our belief is simply that the only program worth investing in is one which targets the correct audience with precision. Global Direct's immense experience in creating marketing information systems allows our clients to identify, rank and select the audience that is most likely to respond favorably to their offer.

  • Data Mining

    Identify : Start by looking at your existing data and examines it for common attributes (lifestyle demographics, purchase behavior) that relate to segments of your customers. Use this insight to establish a profile to rank opportunities to retain and attract prospects with a likely propensity to become customers.

  • Segmentation

    Select : Strategically prioritize your offer to deliver the right message to the right audience. The customer segments must be linked by using the best data, internal and external, to create intelligent, proactive communications to the customer. The selection criterion combines internal customer data with external data to create likely ROI scores.

  • Precision Marketing

    Implement : Apply the newfound customer knowledge to deliver appropriate offers to each segmented offers to each segmented group by utilizing multiple communication channels (direct mail, e-mail, and web). A campaign will deliver unique offers to groups of customers within appropriate campaign constraints, with one to one precision and results.

  • Measurable Results

    Analyze : Once campaigns are launched it is essential to track response and conversion in order to assess the effectiveness of the strategy and implementation. Ongoing measurement and benchmarking allows ROI analysis and creates information which can be used to refine the strategy and execution.

  • The Global Direct approach consists of four essential parts. We combine customer data and knowledge with external data and knowledge to segment customers in order to deliver relevant one to one communication.