The Most Reliable
Segmentation Tool of Spending
Capacity for Affluent Households in the U.S.

Welcome to TruWealth
THE TruWealth® Ratings System

The TruWealth¨ Ratings System is the first-ever consumer segmentation system
based entirely on the Discretionary Spending Power of American consumers.

It was developed to provide direct marketers with an opportunity to segment their
files so that each prospect or customer receives the appropriate offer.

The TruWealth¨ Ratings were designed to provide a minimum of 20 to 30 percent
more predictive power for wealth, income, and discretionary spending than any
other segmentation system can provide.

What is TruWealth?
TruWealth is the only customer segmentation system based on actual data
Why TruWealth?
Designed to provide 20-30% more predictive power for wealth, income and discretionary spending
How does TruWealth compare to other vendors?
TruWealth is based on actual data, not estimates or models
A Tale of Two Consumers
Look at how TruWealth can distinguish between similar households



The attempt to understand the affluent consumer can be a challenge when
constructing a marketing campaign because of the limited time one has to research
spending habits and desires of the target customer. This is an important aspect of
constructing campaigns, and the ability to recognize and understand trends among
affluent consumers will dramatically improve the success of your promotions. This
white paper seeks to alleviate the time you will spend on researching your potential
customers and explores trends of affluent consumers in a variety of industries.

The Guide will answer these questions, among others:
What do affluent consumers want when they go shopping?
How can wealth managers improve the amount of assets they handle?
Where are Baby Boomers retiring?
What are the most important attributes affluent travelers look for in a hotel?
How do you attract affluent non-profit donors?

Download to learn affluent trends in these industries:

  • Non-Profit
  • Travel
  • Retail
  • Wealth Management
  • Real Estate
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